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Derek Evernden is a cartoonist and illustrator based in souther Alberta. His comic Bogart Creek has been published in three Volumes by Renegade Arts Entertainment, and his illustrations and cartoons have appeared in newspapers, magazines, books, and anthologies including:

  • The Globe and Mail

  • Arch Magazine (University of Calgary)

  • (monthly editorial cartoons)

  • WIRED Online

  • Air Mail

  • The American Bystander

  • The Weekly Humorist

  • Bored Panda

  • "Aislin's Favourite Covid Cartoons From Around the World" (Aislin Inc Publications, 2021)

  • "Send Help! A Collection of Marooned Cartoons" (Little Brown, 2021)

  • "Home" Alberta Comics Anthology (Renegade Arts Entertainment, 2022)

  • "Rock is Not Dead" Anthology (11th Dimension Press, 2015)

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